The Clooney Twins Have Arrived—and Their Names Have Been Revealed

Break out the champagne…because the Clooney twins have arrived!

High-powered international attorney and human rights activist, Amal Clooney, and her actor husband, George, welcomed twins Ella and Alexander early this morning.

A spokesperson for the new parents said that mom and babies are both doing fine and that the twins are reportedly happy and healthy. The spokesperson added that, “George is sedated and should recover in a few days.”

Baby-watchers knew the twins would likely make their grand debut sometime this week, as George was notably absent from the Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity ceremony in Armenia on Sunday, where he was previously scheduled to attend.

“I really would have been [there],” joked George, “but if I came there and my wife had twins while I was here, I could never come home.” (Probably spot on there, George.)

George has previously stated that parenthood is, “going to be an adventure”, and that he and Amal are ready to embrace it with “arms wide open.”


Welcome to the world, Ella and Alexander Clooney. 

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