How Often Should You Be Having Sex?

Three tips for finding a satisfying balance in your sex life


There is no one-size-fits all “amount of sex” that all couples should be having - sexual frequency varies with age, relationship duration, and lifestyle. If you’re wondering if you’re having enough sex, ask yourself how much sex you want to be having. The optimal frequency is the amount that works for both you and your partner. Here’s how to find your ideal balance

Address unbalanced sex drives 

Communication is the key to success in any relationship, from the mundane daily tasks (driving kids to school, running errands) to the bedroom. If there is an unbalance of sexual desire in your relationship, teach your partner / have your partner teach you how to prepare for sex. Help your partner help you. As long as you’re willing to talk about it and consider compromising where you see fit, an unbalanced sex drive won’t be a deal breaker.

Seek quality not quantity 

You could get it on every night and not be satisfied if you’re not fully in the moment - just like you could eat an entire bag of Doritos without even realizing while on a Youtube spree. Mindless sex is like mindless munching - without being present (to your senses, your feelings and thoughts), it won’t be fulfilling. Commit, both you and your partner, to making quality your sex life a top priority in your relationship. That includes being clear on each other’s needs. 

Maintain your sex life 

It’s a two way street. If one of you fails to initiate sex or appears disinterested, that lack of intimacy can result in distance and anger. Be sure your attraction to each other extends beyond the bedroom. From lingering over a kiss in the morning or sending an extra-thoughtful text, make sure your partner knows you’re thinking about them. This will result in a closer connection.   

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Well it can be said that lack of sex even after a vasectomy for no good reasons can in fact lead to separation and divorce For some apparent reason my wife lost interest in sex with me along time ago I always initiated contact and interest in her but she made too and I mean too many reasons for not having or wanting sex Even avoidance by going out with her friends and staying late at work just to avoid coming home and all I asked was for her to talk to me and I tried to get her to go to counselling with no luck After she left in February and left our two daughters with me she began to act like a teenager leaving me all the responsibilities and began dating someone from work A bit too convenient for me leaving me to believe she was having an affair and that's why she was always late coming home I am not paranoid because all of my female coworkers said she was having an affair and I have since filed for separation and in the garbage that comes with divorce Now she wants half of everything Tell me who out there believes she is entitled to half ? Besides her and her lawyer Is it fair? I believe no it is not If it were a mutual split I would see it differently But not this way The laws here in Newfoundland have to change All the women I have talked believe the laws here that try to help out women who's ex's are not helping support them for not working or are not supporting their children Are helpful to those women but are harmful to guys like me who have devoted their lives to their families, children, and yes even their wives y ex is even making it difficult for me to have a relationship with our oldest daughter by posting harmful and hurtful comments on social networks like Facebook and twitter mostly because she never had a real good relationship with her own father and continue lay told out daughter that it was weird to be so close to her father How about that ladies and gentlemen So someone please tell me What for a good guy have to do here in my situation?
RJ (not verified) - November, 27, 2014
No doubt sex will boost our mood and satisfaction. But still, we have to perform this act under the guidance or expert advice. We have to maintain a healthy sex life and for that, it is essential to give some gap. Well! most probably, men can't control their sexual needs which cause sexual addiction which is bad for our health. So it is quite better to keep doing sex twice in a month.
shanebarnes - May, 23, 2017

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