These Are The Top Canadian Baby Names Of 2016

Sophia and Liam top the country's list of most popular names of the year

The most popular baby names for Canadians have been announced:

Liam and Sophia.

The released their top 100 names, based on the 50,000 parents who registered their children's names on the site. 

Liam remains at the top spot for a second year running while Sophia has crept to number one in 2016. There were several new additions to the boy's names; Owen, Aiden, Nathan, Isaac and Hudson all made their way into the list. 

Meanwhile, Jackson slipped to number 15 after enjoying a spot in prime position two years ago. 

The top three girls names remained the same as 2015, with Sophia shifting from third to first. 

Meanwhile, Amelia, Scarlett, Sophie and Evelyn rose up the ranks into the top 20. 

And although it couldn't crack the very top rankings, Blake rose from 141 last year to 77 in 2016. Perhaps celeb mama Blake Lively had a positive effect on the standings! 

Canada's top 20 boys' names 

1. Liam +0

2. Noah +3

3. Lucas +1

4. Oliver +9

5. Benjamin +11

6. Logan -3

7. Owen +16

8. Jacob +1

9. Jack -2

10. Ethan -4

11. Aiden +20

12. William -4

13. Lincoln +6

14. James -4

15. Jackson -13

16. Carter -1

17. Mason -3

18. Hudson +8


Canada's top 20 girls' names

1. Sophia +2

2. Olivia +0

3. Emma -2

4. Charlotte +4

5. Ava +5

6. Chloe +10

7. Zoey -3

8. Amelia +14

9. Abigail +8

10. Mia +5

11. Lily -2

12. Emily -7

13. Aria -1

14. Ella +4

15. Mila -1

16. Scarlett +7

17. Madison +2

18. Avery -12

19. Sophie +16

20. Evelyn +1

19. Nathan +2

20. Isaac +8



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